Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who's Mouse is in the House?

I have seen a bunch of cute things floating around pintrest with this basic idea but we of course needed to Disneyfy ours!

The idea is pretty basic. I printed out pictures of each girl onto a label sheet (saves time!) and stuck them to some precut mouse heads. Off to the laminator they went! Then I super glued the stick to the back to create Mickey Ice Cream bars (a family favorite park snack!) Finally I stuck sticky velcro strips to the back of each mouse and the opposite side to the front of the clubhouse picture. Each day a different "mouse" rotates into the clubhouse. If there is ever a disagreement over anything during the day (whats for lunch, which movie to watch, what game we play) I ask the girls, "Which mouse is in the house?". Which ever girl is in the clubhouse that day gets the final decision no ifs ands or buts!

We just implemented it earlier this week so I will come back and update with how it is working later!

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