Friday, December 13, 2013

Gaylord Hotel Field Trip Part 2 ICE

If you are in the Texas area you really must try and get to the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas during the holiday season! They have a spectacular ICE show that changes theme each year where people carve GIANT blocks of ice into forms. This is the 3rd year we have gone and we love it.

They transform one of their ballrooms into a winter wonderland. It is like a SUPER COLD 9 degrees in there so they give you these giant puffy coats that make everyone look like the stay puff marshmallow man. This year the theme was the Nutcracker and it did not disappoint!

There were so many wonderful creations in the Nutcracker area of the display. 

Then they had a whole section about Christmas in New York! Remember these are all HUGE sculptures completely carved of ice! 

They also had this amazing ice slide room where you could slide down a big block of ice! 

And lastly, the had a beautiful Nativity scene. I love how they kept it without color to convey the purity of the ice and the purity of Christ. 

It was all so wonderful and the kids absolutely adore going! Also, a little tip if you are able to go the first week it is open (usually the week before Thanksgiving) they usually offer half price tickets! We always enjoy our holiday trip to see the ICE show! 

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