Friday, December 6, 2013

Gaylord Hotel Field Trip Part 1 - Gingy's!

Every year we head up to the Gaylord hotel during Christmas time to visit family in the Dallas area and also to see the ICE show they have there (it will be in part 2 you don't want to miss it!)

Well, this year as I was going to purchase our tickets online I noticed they also had a build your own gingerbread house with Gingy (from Shreck) and I thought - how perfect! We will have just been doing our Gingerbread Baby study so this will be able to tie in at just the right time.

But first, let me just say that the Gaylord Texan Hotel in itself is a wondrous site to see during the holidays. They spare nothing to make sure it is transformed into holiday central!

It is simply breathtaking especially at night when you can actually see the thousands of lights they have hung! But now, on to Gingy's!

The girls were so excited to get to decorate. You had an option to choose a house, a tree, or a gingerbread family and since my girls are still young and not always the best at sharing I decided something easy to break up would be best so we went with the family!

Of course their favorite part was getting to meet Gingy himself!! We didn't think the cookies would make it safely back to San Antonio in the car so we chomped them up right then and there. You could almost hear Gingy saying "Not my gum drop buttons!". The kids loved it and it only cost us $30 for everyone to decorate including the meet and greet and pictures (you can take your own or of course pay more for a professional photo).

Don't miss the second half of our field trip next week when we check out the ICE sculptures!

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