Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dr Pepper Museum Field Trip

This is  one of those little places that if you ever happen to be in Waco, Texas is a fun place to stop. We travel through a few times a year on our way to Dallas to visit family. We just had Big E and Little E along this time. There was a lot to do, see, and learn for such a small space! The girls favorite place by far was the old A&W root beer stand dramatic play area. They pretended to cook me  up some burgers and fries and then I served it to them in the diner. Too bad they didn't have roller skate rentals! ;)

They have a great educational program that we will have to get our co-op group in on one day. They have a whole 3 hour tour which includes the history and the kids get to create their own soda flavors! They also have these really neat scavenger hunts available online on their website to print out and try and find the objects in the museum. Big E thought that was fun, she loves playing super sleuth! 

I was not aware that the Dr Pepper Company also made things other than Dr Pepper like my favorite - Big Red!! If you don't live in Texas chances are you may have never had a Big Red before. That's too bad. I might send you one if you ask nicely. Then again I may drink it first. They go great with brisket….what? Never had that either? You really need a Field Trip to Texas! ;) 

We got to learn about the old machines and the bottling process. 

And we got to see lots of great history of Dr Pepper through the ages! 

This was an animatronic man telling the story of Dr Pepper. He was kinda creepily realistic looking. Especially his hands. Little E kept asking "why is that man trapped in there?". 

They had great little play areas all around for younger learners who may not find soda history all that interesting. 

And at the end they give you a token for a free sample from their old fashioned soda fountain. We had Dr Pepper and Big Red floats to commemorate the trip! 

For more info you can visit their website here. There are a lot of other great museums in the Waco area as well so you can make a weekend out of it! 

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