Friday, February 14, 2014

Field Trip Friday - Saying Goodbye to Sea World

I have had season passes to Sea World on and off since its opening in 1988. I loved it as a child and dreamed of one day being a dolphin trainer. I have always loved the sea and the calm and connection to this world I feel when I am near her shores. Big E will be 7 this year and I have been taking her since she was in the womb, same with the other sisters. I love looking back and watching them grow being able to see and learn about these beautiful, majestic creatures. I know for some Sea World has a bad wrap and I am not sure how much of it holds true but what I do know is that Sea World does more for conservation and helping educate about sea life than any other company. We have been proud season pass holders and we will always visit our finned friends when we come back home.

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